Due to the number of systems and audiences involved, the current documentation plan is for the canonical documentation to be within the Github repository, using GitHub pages.

This provides a number of easy to use tools and systems to help keep standardised, versions and readable documentation.


  • Main AIS documentation to be at the top level
  • Each repository will self document
  • Using Hugo modules the documentation for each repository will be integrated into the main documentation, which link out to the repositories as necessary - see Integrating a new repository for more details.
    • Documentation from each repository is effectively mounted in a virtual file tree where the documentation is then generated from. See the hugo docs for more info.


  • Should be written in Markdown
  • Should be in a directory called docs in the top level of each repository. We have chosen this methodology as it allows for versioned documentation that matches the code base.
  • Either add themselves to the main site or ask an administrator to add them.